Higher Education For the Modern Business World

Wow things are changing!when i was young things were very different. Back then, not that many people went to university. Some didn’t go because they couldn’t afford it and others didn’t go because they didn’t want to. Many of them left school early to start working or learned a trade. The job market wasn’t that competitive so it wasn’t really necessary to have a degree in order to get a job. Once you were employed, if you were diligent and hard working, you could work your way up in the company. Many managing directors with little formal education had been with their company all their working life. Some of them had started as a messenger, sweeper or in some other low position. They got to know the business as they moved their way up the ladder.Fast forward to today. More and more young people, especially girls, are going to university now. The job market has become much more competitive and there is no guarantee that they will get employed, even with a degree. They now need to have a degree in a field that is in demand. Sometimes they even need a postgraduate degree just to get a decent job. Business has become infinitely more complex and without a higher education they just wouldn’t be able to cope. Gone are the days they could work their way up in the company. The new generation of business allows those with the proper skills and training to rise rapidly in the corporate world. Those without it get left behind. All the time there are younger and better educated people yapping at their heels. To keep ahead they have to make education an ongoing process.The other thing that has changed is that people do not always stay with the same company for all that long. They often move in order to take up better positions in other companies. Without the proper all round knowledge that higher education gives them, they just would not be able to learn the ropes fast enough to handle their new positions. This is compounded by the fact that more companies are likely to downsize, restructure, merge or close today than has ever happened in the past. The resultant retrenchments force more people into an already crowded job market. Having a higher education makes it much easier to secure a new position.So what is the bottom line? The bottom line is that it is extremely important that everybody sees the benefit of obtaining a higher education. Not just in anything – it has to be in a field that is in demand. Having the higher education is only the starting point because to stay ahead education must be an ongoing process.

IPod Touch Games – From Classic IPod Touch Games to the Latest IPod Touch Games Review

So you have just bought yourself a nice new shiny iPhone or iPod Touch and you want to download some cool games? To save you hours of surfing I have chosen the top ten games for iPod touch to bring you the very best of the bunch and a list of the most well loved games you can download and play in your ipod touch. Here you will find a comprehensive list of iPod Touch games. I have scoured the internet for the best iPod touch games and have listed them in their respective categories.Latest ipod touch games:Scramboni is a multiplayer online game that requires you to unscramble words by clicking on tiles that appear on the screen. You earn points for guessing the words correctly with an additional bonus for being the quickest one to submit the correct answer.Stunt Car 3d Game : The objective is to stay on the ramp and drive as fast as you can.Features:- Smooth customizable real-time 3D vector graphics
– Time based physics simulation
– Two spectacular tracks (more to come)
– Easy and Hard difficulty levels
– Accurate timers and lap counter
– Hall of Fame (saved in Safari)
– Optional Frame rate displayHammer Tap Game :An infuriating and addictive game. You have 60 seconds to tap as many moles as you can. Imagine your fingers are hammers. Moles popping up from their holes and teasing you.Columns Game :A combination of Tetris and Bejeweled games for iPhone and iPod Touch. Columns of colored jewel drop onto the field. Use the buttons to shift the column or rotate the colors to form a set of three jewels of the same color either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.Asteroids Game: Fight your way through waves of asteroids using only gravity mines to steer your starship. Pick up power ups to help you, survive waves of non stop shooting action and save your score online in the global leader board. Relax and enjoy beautiful patterns in the bonus playground mode.Penguin Attack:Help penguins to protect their home iceberg from the invasion of aliens.Blackjack iPod Touch Game:Play against the house. Complete with Vegas rules including double downs, splits, and surrender. This is the best Blackjack game for iPhone and iPod Touch I’ve come across.Soduko Game:The classic Sudoku game for your iPhone & iPod Touch. You can play more than 15,000 Sudoku games. Surprisingly easy to use if you are already familiar with Sudoku.The Top Ten iPod Touch Games:Mind dojo -This game by dBelement is their first game/puzzle and as introductions to the world of gaming go they have made a good start. The game/puzzle gives you a variety of questions to test your intelligence. It is timed and keeps score so you can track your progress.Smash -This is a quick moving arcade style game a bit like, does anyone remember breakout? The objective of the game is to remove all the blocks on the screen by hitting them with the ball without losing it.Omega Ball:Peg solitaire comes to the iPod touch and that just about sums this game up. A good modern version of a classic continuing the latest trend for relaunching old classics. Good fun but is however nothing original.Fat Free Poker:Fat free poker is an adaptation of poker for the iPhone and iPod touch. It has a good recreation of a poker set up (table etc) with the ability to talk to other people using the game through the messaging system at the bottom of the screen.iPhone / iPod Touch Reversi:The goal of the game is to finish with more black tokens than white tokens on the board. Be careful your opponent is tricky.iMinesweeper:Minesweeper, it is as old as the hills. There is even a theory that the game was invented before the actual boat, but that is just a bit silly.iPod touch Chess:If you are in the mood for a little intellectual challenge then download the ipod touch chess, choose the appropriate level for your opponent, and let the mind battles begin.Bejeweled:Now you can play Pop Cap 2001 classic, Bejeweled, on the ipod touch. The game that has spawned countless three in a row clones works well on it is latest platform.Battle at the sea:Battleship for the ipod touch, what a treat? Well the old plastic toy with little model boats has been upgraded to an electronic version for everyone.Battle Fleet:The game that Bill and Ted used to challenge the Grim Reaper, escape the depths of hell and go on to create world peace is now bought to your iPhone and iPod touch courtesy of some chap called Roger.Carmadillo:Like frogger but with a different species of road-kill, Carmadillo is a brilliant time waster and must-have bookmark.Tetris:Tetris on the iPod touch. What more is there to say?Connect 4 Touch:This game is very simple and is just like Connect 4. It works just the same as Connect 4 and is very basic in design. It is however very nice to use and allows you to play against the computer or another person.Hangman for ipod touch:Despite the title it is not just for the iPhone but for iPod touch too and even works on the PC. Well what can I say about this? It is Hangman for the iPhone/iPod touch, nothing more, nothing less.